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General Syllabus (redirected from SYLLABUS)

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EVO moderator's PD session syllabus 







The EVO moderator's professional development (PD) session is a four-week hands-on workshop to help EVO moderators and co-moderators convert the syllabus they have proposed into interactive online sessions for the Electronic Village Online and to feel confidently prepared for their session. Each session will be assigned a mentor from the Coordination Team to provide guidance and advice as needed and to be offer a participant's-eye view of the session as it develops. 





In the course of the 4-week moderator PD workshop, we expect to


  1. Help moderators understand what EVO is and how it differs from other online courses.
  2. Provide suggestions and tips to help moderators and co-moderators develop and deliver a successful session.





By the end of the 4-week PD session, we expect our moderators and co-moderators to have


  • joined the Moderators LMS
  • actively participated in the discussions.
  • identified the features that distinguish the EVO from other online courses
  • revised, refined, and completed their original session syllabus, giving consideration to suggestions from the Coordination Team.
  • considered and discussed various aspects and potential problems of online moderation 
  • created the online spaces to be used in their sessions  for content and interaction, and tentatively scheduled their live meetings. 







Warming up


Before the PD session officially begins, "eager beavers" can

  • join the Moderator PD LMS  
  • explore this training wiki by clicking on the links in the Sidebar
  • complete this short needs-assessment survey. 


Week 1


Getting started and joining the community


By the end of this week, we hope you will have 

  1. joined the Moderatos learning platform (LMS) (if not already done) (and introduced yourself to the group, using the Introductions thread in the platform. 
  2. completed the pre-PD needs assessment survey (if not already done)
  3. read some seminal articles about the EVO  and discussed the differences between the EVO and other online courses 
  4. read some definitions of Netiquette and expressed your opinion about them


On the first day, there will be a synchronous session on ZOOM to discuss the goals and objectives of the training. Recordings via Youtube will be posted for the convenience of those who cannot attend the meetings in real time.  There will be an overview of the PD session, and we will chat about why we feel the moderator PD session is essential for experienced moderators and new moderators alike. Everyone is encouraged to attend and share your ideas and questions.


The recording will be available on the YouTube playlist.


Week 2


Building your syllabus and selecting your online platform(s)


By the end of this week, we hope you will have

  1. commented on the main things to consider when setting session objectives.
  2. started refining your syllabus giving consideration to suggestions provided
  3. considered (and ideally, selected) the online spaces to be used in your session to deliver your content and to interact with your participants
  4. considered (and ideally, selected) any other communication tools that you will use to deliver your content during the session 
  5. begun considering various aspects and potential problems of online moderation
  6. posted your questions and comments in the appropriate threads



Week 3  


Developing the content


By the end of this week, we hope you will have

  • made substantial progress on your syllabus
  • revised your original proposal in the EVO Proposals wiki to transform it into a ready-for-the-public-eye session page which will be tranferred to the public Call for Participation wiki.
  • begun to add content to your online space(s). 
  • learned about Certificates of Participation and digital badges options for your session(s)
  • posted your questions and comments in the appropriate threads.


A live session on badges is planned, to share information for those who would like to consider offering badges to their participants.


Week 4


Getting ready to go live


By the end of this week, in order for your session to go forward, you will have 

  • completed your syllabus
  • completed your session page and made your online spaces available for other moderators, co-moderators, and the Coordination Team to review for feedback and celebration
  • visited the session pages and online spaces of several other sessions 
  • commented on the sessions you visited in the appropriate threads
  • posted your questions and comments in the appropriate threads
  • completed a training evaluation survey


We hope you will all attend at least one of the live wrap-up sessions on the weekend to share your impressions and bask in the mutual gratitude celebrations.




Wrapping it all up


By December 1, we expect that you will have 

  • completed your session page 
  • completed your syllabus
  • completed the EVO Post-Mod PD Evaluation 



  • Moderator PD wiki: (syllabus, tutorials, resources)                             



Important information

  • Resources for the PDp Session are linked directly from the weekly pages or in the Sidebar of this wiki. You are welcome to use any of these materials in your own EVO session. 
  • Only those sessions whose syllabus is complete and online platform(s) created and populated will be included in the Call for Participation in December.
  • We strongly encourage that you stay in touch with your mentor and the EVO Moderators after the PD session and throughout the EVO session. 
  • If you cannot attend any of the live sessions during the training, there will be recordings. Links to the recordings and brief summaries will be posted on the Live Events page in this wiki.
  • If you are here before the official beginning of the training, we invite you to visit our Pre-PD page.


EVO is a project of TESOL's CALL IS


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